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barahirAndrew is an erstwhile English major whom occasionally the fancy strikes to geek out super hard and hope somebody somewhere cares enough to keep reading to the end of the post. He likes his coffee and his beer the same as his science fiction and his fantasy: full of darkness and danger, and sometimes you don’t want to know the end. His love affair with the goddamn Batman began at age 3 and shows no signs of ever fading; most of his comic book expertise, therefore, lies with the many adventures and incarnations of the Dark Knight Detective. He writes for CnC as well his own blog, Sure as Shiretalk; professionally speaking he’s a conservationist who loves nothing better than the feel of a Stihl MS 36x in his two hands and a tree toppling overhead.

Favorite comics: any and all Grant Morrison Batman, Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? by Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

Favorite cocktails: Manhattan, Mule Variations, anything with bourbon

Blog AvatarIke wants to be a vintage rhythm and blues singer, but he was born with a lousy singing voice about six decades too late.  Instead, he settled for playing electric guitar and collecting records.  He is either a frustrated roots/rock ‘n’ roll musician or a frustrated fiction writer and poet, depending on the day you catch him.  His love of reading began with comic books as a wee-young-lad, and his first (super) heroes include Wolverine and the Sovereign Seven.  From there he graduated to Batman and Nightwing and never looked back.  He likes his blues raw and funky, his country honky-tonky, and his rock ‘n’ roll loud and fast.  The Pine Box Preachers was his first band to combine these sounds, and he continues that labor of love in Rotten Hotdish.  You can read cannibalized versions of his lyrics, prose, poetry, and other bullshit on his Tumblr.

Favorite comics:  The Dark Knight Returns, Maus, Sandman

Favorite cocktails: gin & tonic, beer

Credit for the caricature goes to my good friend, Sydney Berreth.

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