Why C&C?

Liquor stores and comic book shops have more in common than you might think.

For one thing, they offer you a ton of choices. It’s easy to be overwhelmed — thousands of habit-forming, wallet-draining lifesucks that are all EXACTLY what you’ve always wanted.

Obnoxious color schemes and illegible fonts, clever handles and campy slogans, pirates and monsters and half-naked women! Where’s an aspiring enthusiast (read: drunk/geek) to start?

Of course, we’ve all made our mistakes. Like the kind with a rotten aftertaste, or the kind that pretends to be all bourgeois and “nuanced” but you have a suspicion the “artistes” just didn’t know what the fuck they were doing, or the kind that sends you flying into such a rage your only recourse is to post your hatred of it on the internet. And of course the kind that just makes you want to puke.

But then some of the things you pick up in these shady little holes-in-the-walls are pretty nice, aren’t they? They’ve got just the right blend of no-nonsense meets complex; they’re intoxicating and fun; some really do get better with age. Some of them make you feel like painting on some bright blue tights or strapping on a jetpack; maybe some of them even get you misty-eyed.

Overall we’re not about judgments here; we’re about taking some decent ingredients and crafting them into a product we enjoy, whether that’s a set of stories or… something with Stoli.

We’re also not advocates of getting hammered (unless Mjolnir is somehow involved), despite some of the images you might see around the site. I mean, when Google hands you a picture of Christopher Reeve in his Superman costume pouring himself a shot of Johnnie Red, you plaster that shit all over your website, no questions asked. Seriously though — we believe booze is best enjoyed for its flavors and not for its effects.

(How does Superman get drunk, anyway?)

A favorite pastime of mine when I’m hanging out at a friend or family member’s place is to scope out their bookshelves (and/or their liquor cabinet, if they have one). You can learn a lot about somebody based on what they read. So choose your Cocktails and Comic Books with care; jettison the baggage, the detritus, and the nonsensical; build a bookshelf/liquor cabinet that suits you.

— Andrew


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