Sandman Overture #1

The second issue of Neil Gaiman’s new Sandamn series hits stores today. I must admit, when I first heard talk of a new Sandman monthly, I was skeptical. How do you revive one of the most imaginative, innovative, and memorable comics of our time? As both a Gaiman and Sandman fanboy, I had to pick-up up the first issue to find out. I was rewarded with an answer to my question as soon as I turned to the first page: Dream is Endless. Gaiman’s mythology allows for infinite variation. As long as there is consciousness in the universe, Dream of the Endless will shape the unconscious imagination.

J.H. Williams III’s art shines in this first issue. His work is some of the most vivid and intricate I’ve ever seen in a monthly comic. It’s the perfect eye candy for this sprawling story. If you’ve never read the full Sandman series, do it. There’s never been a better time to start. Then make sure to pick-up the first two issues of Sandman: Overture. Judging by #1, they’ll be worth every penny. If you really need any extra motivation, check out this sneak preview of issue 2 here:

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While I’ve never known Morpheus to be much of a drinker, I enjoyed his latest story with a Beefeater gin & tonic. Why? Because even though Dream is more immortal than any God, he’s also British-as-fuck.  And so are gin & tonics.  I’ve always taken my G&T’s with a lime, but Beefeater recommends lemon for their brand, so why not mix it up?  Lemon makes for a brigther, crisper cocktail–just enough tartness for a pleasant pucker. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, limes are the classic garnish for a reason. Or you can get crazy and try an Evans ( that’s lemon and lime). What’s most important is the gin: next time you’re craving a G&T, skip the Seagram’s. You don’t have to go top-shelf, just grab a London dry gin. London gins don’t have any extra sweeteners or colorants, so you know your gin will have that fresh, pure, juniper berry character. Mmm.

2 thoughts on “Sandman Overture #1”

  1. J.H. Williams III is the shit. He had a brief run on Batman with Grant Morrison.

    So I want to start making more gin cocktails, but Linz says gin tastes like pine trees and it’s a dealbreaker. Do you know of any gins that minimize on the juniper and maximize on their other herbs/botanicals?

    (For the record, I am not in any way opposed to the taste or aroma of juniper. So if there aren’t other options, that’s cool too.)

  2. I’ve heard of J.H. Williams III from his work with Alan Moore on Prometheus…but now that I know he did some Batman with Grant Morrison, I’m definitely going to be reading that first.

    I’d love to help you find a gin you and Lindsay can agree on, but I’m still too much of a newbie to be 100% confident in my recommendation. Beefeater certainly has less of the intense juniper flavor than the cheap stuff like Seagram’s…but that’s not saying much. I had a delicious Henrick’s G&T the other day which was sweet and aromatic and light on the juniper flavor, but that may have been as much from the tonic water as the brand of gin.

    I’ll have to do more research and get back to you!

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